Exploration Nation

Starting out

The tower in the cursed wood.

Today the group met each other and started out on their adventure. They soon found themselves deep in the woods a week in from civilization without much notable happening. Benjy kept a careful detailed drawing of the area, slowly mapping they groups progress. A dingy, broken sign appeared in the path in front of them at a fork. The language was foreign, but they decided to head in the way it pointed. 

Soon there was a crossroads, and suddenly the dog character picked up the scent of a deer and headed off chasing it to another crossroads where Captain Violetta reeled him in. He wanted badly to get the deer and our dear Kitsune decided it was time to have a little fun with the mongrel. She made him, in all his sniffing excitedly, smell full on skunk butt, which put him so off guard that he fell back on his butt. She let up the illusion soon after to the dog character's relief, who also soon forgot as he smelt the deer again and ran after it, only being held back a bit by Captain Violetta's strength. At the next crossroads, the Kitsune decided it was time for another trick. She made the dog character see the deer, and was now crouching on all fours to sneak up on the deer. The "deer" noticed and took off and the dog character with it, disappearing around a tree, in which the dog ran round and round trying to find the deer, confused as ever as he no longer could smell it. 

In the distance, the group could see a decrepit old tower about three stories high. The captain wanted



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